Candy Thief

As a busy mommy of three children, I like to spoil my kids when I can. But sometimes they prove that the spoiling is not deserved.

Last night on the way home I only had my son with me who is almost three years old. I thought to myself, lets stop at the gas station and get a slushie for you to enjoy by yourself. Now, before I proceed with this story you must know that my son naturally runs very fast (and LOVES running). He is wearing a very cute batman shirt that has a hood with the batman ears on top.

We pulled up to the gas station and I carried him into the store and walked straight to the slushie machine. He picked out the wild cherry flavor (yay, red……to leave lovely red stains in my car). So I set him down to stand and wait while I filled up the cup. In enclosed areas I try to have him walk, because lets face it, it’s exhausting carrying around a 30 plus pound toddler on your hip while juggling everything else.

We walked up to the register and waited in line while people lined up behind us all saying how cute my son was. Finally it was our turn. I place the drink on the counter and my son immediately grabs a snickers from the oh so convenient place at the register where they have candy and places it on the counter. Why must they put candy at a toddlers level, they must know that the kid will grab it and ask for it. I put the snickers back and said not today. Of coarse this just made everyone laugh in line, saying “you can’t blame batman for trying”. I pay for the drink only to then look down at him grabbing a skittles bag to place on the counter now. Once again with people in line saying “batman is persistent” and laughing at his cuteness of these acts. So I immediately said not today again.  As I reached for the Skittles bag, he took off!!

Let me tell you this boy goes from zero to thirty in a second. I took off after him, chased him back to the slushie machine in the back of the store, reached for him and missed. He turned the corner even faster running for the door. Meanwhile I’m probably looking pretty hilarious by now running after him. I reach again and miss. He makes his way again to the back of the store and I finally get a sliver of his shirt and snatch him up. I scold him and tell him how dangerous that was and that he was a bad boy for running away. I pick him up and start to walk back to the register with the skittles he was running with this whole time to return them, oh and to also get our slushie. As I walk back everyone in line is holding back their laughter and the poor cashier just slowly pushes our slushie to the side so the next person can pay. I put the skittles back at the evil toddler level counter, and grab our slushie and walked out.

Talk about embarrassing. Not just that my son ran away but that I had run after him. I’m sure that was a sight. Just so you know, no, he did not get to have the slushie, it went in the trash. My son is horrible about this. He takes off and you cant catch him. That is why  usually carry him but I don’t want to always carry him. The boy does have to learn to walk with me and stay with me. My girls, who are ten and eight, were never like this at this age, they always walked with me. Now, they threw temper tantrums in public, but that’s another story for another day.

While driving home I’m heartbroken. Not just because he ran from me and embarrassed me, but because I wanted to randomly treat him and he ruined it. As a busy mommy I work a full time job on top of doing many other things. So my little bit of time I get to spend with my kids I do consider precious. So during that bit of time I have with them I seriously imagine and expect it to be perfect. And when things don’t go perfectly my world crashes down on me.

I know I know, with little kids, or come on, any age of kids; you cant ever expect things to go the way you plan. Weather you have all day with your kids or you only get to spend a few minutes with your kids, we should ALWAYS anticipate something not going the way we want it to. Because in those moments that things go smoothly, we will be able to appreciate our time that much more. Still be optimistic; but understand that life is life, and kids are kids.


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    • alishaparr says:

      Thank you for visiting the site. I think it must be a boy thing. And its so hard to punish him too because he is so cute!! But I have to do my mom job and teach him right from wrong.

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